Upcoming Events


Upcoming Events and Courses for  2018

This is a listing of all upcoming events and courses in 2018. These include Kabbalah, Reiki and Pellowah and Codes for Change.  These are held in Torquay unless otherwise specified.  Accommodation for weekend courses can be arranged with us for an extra cost.  Please contact me if you would like to participate and I will send payment details.  Classes are kept small (four students maximum) so that learning can be more personalised.


Upcoming Reiki Courses

  • Reiki Level 1 –        14th/15th April 2018   $330  (FULL)
  • Reiki Level 1 –         16th/17th June 2018
  • Reiki Level 1 –         28th/29th July 2018
  • Reiki Level 1 –         8th/9th September 2018
  • Reiki Level 2 –     21st/22nd April 2018    $350  (FULL)
  • Reiki Level 2 –      23rd/24th June 2018
  • Reiki Level 2 –      18th/19th August 2018

Reiki Masters –     25th/26th/27th May 2018  COST      $960

24th/25th/26th August 2018


** 10% discount if you join with a friend for Level 1 and Level 2 classes**

MID-WEEK courses in both Reiki and Pellowah as well as private sessions can be arranged upon request.  Learning privately is popular and we can tailor the course around your particular needs which also includes days and times.  Private sessions cost an extra $80 on top of the course fee.

All Reiki Courses include a substantial and fabulous manual and a 21 day post course e-programme to help with your practice.  I am a Member of the Australian Association of Reiki Professionals as part of the Australian Reiki Connection, Australia’s largest Reiki organisation and a lineage is supplied.

All my Reiki students who would like to resit their Reiki courses can do so for a reduced fee.  Resitting a Reiki course is very worthwhile!  You have the opportunity to go deeper into your practice and it serves as a “mini retreat” by giving you an energetic boost.

$100 resit for Reiki 2.  $200 resit for Reiki Master.

REIKI PRACTICE NIGHTS are offered on the 1st Friday evening of the month.  In Torquay.  7.00/7.30pm to 9.00pm.  During this time I will be doing my own practice and you are most welcome to join me.  In my cosy meditation room.  Cost is $10.  These are for my students.  It will involve a Reiki chat, chanting, meditation, reiju and healing work.

Next Reiki practice night is FRIDAY 1st June 2018

Upcoming Pellowah Workshops

  • Pellowah Level 1 and 2 –  19th/20th May 2018  –  $400
  • Pellowah Level 1 and 2 –   21st/22nd July 2018
  • Pellowah Level 1 and 2 –   15th/16th September

** 10% discount if you join with a friend **

Upcoming Codes for Change and Acceleration

Codes Part 1 – Sunday 6th May 2018  $160

Codes Part 2 – Sunday 3rd June 2018

Codes Part 1 – Saturday 7th July 2018

First weekend of the month is always CODES for CHANGE weekend.

Please note these are “parts” and not “levels”.  You will be learning 13 sets of Codes in each course.  This means you can do part 2 before part 1!  The order does not matter.  If you want to do CODES, but the dates don’t work for you, please contact me!  We will work something out.

KABBALAH (TOLK©) – Tree of Life, Tarot and Astrology

There are three ways of learning this:

  • One day workshops give you a theoretical understanding with some Hebrew chant/meditation.  Great for people who want to receive a good understanding of the Kabbalah and the seven levels of consciousness it speaks of.  For those who are unable to learn weekly.  For those who may wish to work on their own with Kabbalah.
  • Weekly group sessions combine both theoretical and experiential (meditation) in a progressive week by week format.  These sessions build one upon the other.
  • Private sessions.  I work with you privately which means that the sessions are tailored specifically for you.  These sessions can be fortnightly, three weekly or monthly on a day that suits.  This is for those who want to work with deep transformational change.


  1. TOLK … A one day workshop format

First weekend of the month will always have a TOLK day.  All one day TOLK workshops cost $200.

These THREE one day workshops introduce you to  the Kabbalah Tree of Life.  They need to be done in sequence as each workshop adds more information – whether it be pathworking, astrology or tarot.    Upon completion you will be much more confident in researching your own way of working with Kabbalah.

WORKSHOP NO 1:  On Saturday 2nd June 2018.  Cost:  $200 with manual, workbook and a set of polished gem stones one for each Sephiroth we work.

This fabulous workshop will introduce you to all the Sephiroth or levels of consciousness worked with.  There will be a series of chant/meditations as we work with each Sephiroth as well as an introduction to the Archangel, tarot card, crystal and fragrances for each Sephiroth.   You will also start learning Hebrew letters which form the chants.  This workshop will give you an excellent introduction into what can seem a difficult topic.

“TOLK has helped me venture beyond myself.  It holds a new wisdom for our time.  It has helped me be more present and more aware of my life and events that occur within it.”  Neena.

WORKSHOP No 2:  UNDERSTANDING ASTROLOGY and the TREE OF LIFE.    Cost:  $200 with personal astrology chart and workbook.  This workshop will introduce you to the ancient science of astrology in an easy to use and fun format.  We will discuss astrology via the Tree of Life diagram.  One of the most empowering ways of working your personal astrology is to understand a bit about the teachings of it.  You will be doing a series of meditations.

WORKSHOP No 3:  TAROT and the TREE OF LIFE … putting it all together … learning the COSMIC ALPHABET  … and commencing PATHWORKING.    Cost $200.  In this workshop we will move into a more structured chant and meditation.

Consciously working the Tree of Life (Flower of Life) will start activating your spiritual DNA and so those who start on this path will find that they will ALWAYS be working with the Kabbalah in some way.  To gain the FULL FLAVOUR of experience does need to include astrology and tarot.  The Tree of Life is a map of consciousness … and also a map of the solar system.  We are working to understand that WE are in the solar system and the solar system is WITHIN us.  The planets are physical manifestations of energy bands or levels of consciousness that we are being asked to master.  The tarot gives us a pictoral representation of the energy and is used as a tool for meditation focus and self discovery.

2.  Tree of Life Kabbalah (TOLK©) weekly classes

Classes are currently full … further weekly classes TBA … contact me if you are interested.

Learning Kabbalah, Astrology and Tarot, meditation and chanting.  A structured meditation programme.  A journey of self-discovery.  Learning about the ancient wisdom.  The Merkabah.  Pathworking the Tree of Life with Hebrew chanting and guided meditations.  Learning Kabbalah is both powerful and transformative.  Manual, personal astrology chart and weekly handouts.  This has in the past been the most popular form of learning as you have the benefit of weekly chant/meditations.

COST:  $30 per session – there will be 6 week terms to allow for integration

PLUS:  $60 for your personalised manual/workbook which includes your astrology chart.


I do teach private Kabbalah at $100 per two hour session.  These private sessions run fortnightly to allow enough time for reading and integration.  It is a fabulous way to begin your journey, working one on one, as we can work with your personal astrology and tarot on the Tree of Life and thus tailor meditations accordingly as well as address any questions you may have.  There will be optional homework to assist your studies.  Some students come three weekly or monthly for sessions.  It is totally up to you.  Private Kabbalah has become very popular.  It will take 30 sessions to meditate and integrate every pathway on the Tree of Life.  This is a JOURNEY not a DESTINATION and so you take your time.  You do not by any means need to do the entire 30 sessions.  Kabbalah is a personal journey and so you proceed at your own pace which means you can do as many sessions as you are keen to do.  Sometimes 10 sessions is enough!

Additional private Kabbalah sessions for all students are available at $50 per hour.