Victorian Tour 2020

Three weeks around Victoria

Our Victorian tour was a three week journey sleeping in our tent in direct connection with nature. Pretty much “off the grid”.

I always love a mission and a sense of adventure. The adventure on this trip was to bypass freeways and major highways. We tried to circumnavigate Victoria by taking only back roads, some of them 4WD tracks.  We made our way from the great southern ocean to the western desert lands and sand dune country to the Murray, the Goldfields, the Highlands, the forests and coastlines of Gippsland. The only time we stopped in a town was to restock  and we only needed to do that twice.

And the Mission? In a dream I was given a message. We were to be working with WATER as the lifeblood of the planet. I was told to collect water from: a forest stream, a volcanic lake, the southern ocean, a freshwater lake near the sea, a waterfall, a creek running through granite, water running into the ocean, the Murray River, a mountain lake. This water would be used in a ceremony. To help restore the lifeblood of the Earth.
This ceremony was to be performed at the base of Victoria’s highest peak – Mt Bogong.

I must say this trip was so much FUN!!

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