USA 2012

I was attending a ten day astrology conference in New Orleans and so we decided to take two months and drive and camp our way around the USA 2012 from Los Angeles to New Orleans and back.

So … what adventure was in store for us this time?  We each picked places we were drawn to go. We did not ask why, we just knew we needed to be in these places.  When we sat down together with our “special spots” … oh dear … it meant we needed to drive from Los Angeles to New Orleans via the Canadian border in Wyoming and then the Mexican border in Texas, plus some other out of the way places in between.

And so our 12,000 mile USA 2012 journey began.  We started to feel the energies of the earth in a way we had not before.  Perhaps, finally, we were starting to listen!  Starting to listen?  The trip was so fast and furious (12,000 miles is a lot of driving when you are setting up and pulling down tents every day) that we felt like we were so exhausted at times that all we could do WAS listen.  We were reduced by circumstance to listen.
And in our “listening” we felt like we were picking up little pockets of energy from one place and transporting them to another.  I was working with my crystals on this trip.

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