USA 2010

In September 2010 I attended an astrology conference in Santa Fe. This simple fact was to be the basis of our USA 2010 road trip.  And so we combined this bit of “work” with six weeks of camping through the “Four Corners Country” – New Mexico, Colorado, Utah and Arizona … with a side trip to our favourite National Park, Yellowstone, in Wyoming. This was our Albuquerque to Albuquerque USA 2010 round trip. This was travelling with a game plan a map and no idea, this was fun.

Being an archaeologist, I was very interested in the ancient Puebloan sites or cliff dwellings.  Our favourite area was Mesa Verde.  But we had other reasons to be in this highly energetic part of the United States.  We needed to spend time at Grand Tetons, find the Hopi Prophecy Stone and find the energy vortices at Sedona. Plus I had to show Michael the Grand Canyon and my favorite view from the north rim.
Despite a lifetime of travel around the globe, it was this trip in 2010 that opened me to experiencing the energy of the earth and developed my interest in shamanism.

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