Tasmania 2013

Where do we spend the Equinox?  I had known for some time that 23rd September 2013 was a very important date astrologically.  Focus was now returning to the earth – the trees and lakes.  Many people had found themselves relocating to these environments or being drawn to do work or spend time there.  Trees and lakes.  Trees and lakes.  TASMANIA.

Tasmania how wet could it be?

In September 2013, Michael and I travelled around Tasmania for three weeks in a campervan. Of course this is probably the worst time to go, given it is winter and wet in Tasmania.  But really … how much cold and rain can that place get?  Well … a lot!  An entire three weeks’ worth to be exact.  It almost broke our spirit.  Almost.  Until we realised that fun is to be had wherever you are.  It just takes a shift in perspective.

We understood that it was important for our relationship at this point to be in close confines – driving, sitting, sleeping in our little camper.  There were precious few times when we could happily enjoy sitting outdoors.  Understanding that moments in time must be seized and used to their fullest.  Again, doing away with expectations.  Planning in such conditions was a complete waste of time.

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