Mexico 2011

We were meant to return to Egypt but there was a coup.  So, with only a few weeks’ notice we turned our sights to Mexico, Belize and Guatemala.  This is interesting.  Usually I research and plan, but Spirit had a different idea.  We were to have no plans because no plans meant no expectations and no expectations opened us up to a whole range of possibility.

We hired a car for two months, bought a map and drove.  As such we allowed the trip to develop.  We travelled, unknown to us, at the hottest possible time … May/June.  Hot and still.  Unbearably hot and still.  For travellers and locals alike.  But with the heat came an understanding of acceptance.
For us, Mexico was a journey of acceptance and trust.  It was a time when we began to listen to our inner guidance.  And it was the first time when we felt like we were really working as a team.  “Team Us”.

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