Iceland 2014

We spent two weeks in Iceland in the late Spring/early Summer of 2014.  At these extreme latitudes at this time of year there are twenty-two hours of daylight and two hours of gloaming.   We had always wanted to experience the “white nights”.

Game of Thrones country

The country is known for its wide open spaces … its constant wind … its numbing cold … and yes in places its sulphuric smell.  It is the “Land of Fire and Ice” afterall.   But it is a country begging for exploration and adventure and appreciation of all things outdoors.  It is a land where you need to work “with” the elements.  Not against them.  As such it can be challenging.  Especially when travelling in a campervan.  But it is similarly oh so rewarding.  So pure  and exhilarating. Oh so honest, and yes oh so bloody cold … So very different from anything we had experienced before.

Come journey with us … not through a land of black and white … but through the blackest of blacks … the whitest of whites … the greenest of greens … the yellowest of yellows … the bluest of blues.

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