Hawaii 2013

I went to Hawaii to learn KARUNA Reiki Mastership from William Rand on the island of Maui.  And so we decided to spend five weeks in Hawaii, driving, camping, being.  “Being”.  “Being” was hard for me.  Standing still was hard for me.  Give me 12,000 miles of driving … it is so often easier to be always on the move.  But here we were on the most geographically remote islands on earth … tiny tiny dots … and we were here for five weeks!  It was enough to give me panic attacks.

No-one spends five weeks in Hawaii

So why did we need to stand still?  Because we found that in the acceptance of standing still we looked around us and found little pockets of “wow”.  That is how I describe Hawaii.  It is a land of miracles and these miracles are everywhere.  We just become immune to them.

In the words of Hans Christian Anderson:

“The whole world is a series of miracles,

but we’re so used to them we call them ordinary things.”

And once we looked to the miracles we met others doing the same.  People working for the earth.  And we met and exchanged blessings and then went our separate ways.  And Michael and I stood on cliff tops and started chanting and calling to the whales.  We could feel the energy of the planet alive and pulsating.

But most importantly of all … we understood our purpose.  Michael and I together.  We will continue travelling and learning and communicating and we will pass on our knowledge to others who seek, so that they too, in their own way and their own time, will awaken to their journey on this beautiful planet we call home.

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