Travel Gallery – an introduction

Michael and I continually travel the world visiting ancient sites and doing courses that will help us in our work with others.
Our travel gallery is posted here for your enjoyment. Please click on any photos in the travel gallery to enlarge.

Egypt 2009

I worked as a tour guide in Egypt for a number of years and indeed lived in that country from 1999 until 2003.  Sadly, the political situation in Egypt at the moment is not ideal for travel, especially to areas off the beaten path, which is what our guiding speciality was.
This was my last guiding trip to Egypt.  But it was after this trip that Michael and I travelled to Siwa Oasis out near the Libyan border.  Siwa is one of the world’s great energy centres.  Alexander the Great famously travelled here to find the Emerald Tablet.  You can read about this green stone tablet under my Kabbalah section.

USA 2010

In September 2010 I attended an astrology conference in Santa Fe.  And so we combined this bit of “work” with six weeks of camping through the “Four Corners Country” – New Mexico, Colorado, Utah and Arizona … with a side trip to our favourite National Park, Yellowstone, in Wyoming.
Being an archaeologist, I was very interested in the ancient Puebloan sites or cliff dwellings.  Our favourite area was Mesa Verde.  But we had other reasons to be in this highly energetic part of the United States.  We needed to spend time at Grand Tetons, find the Hopi Prophecy Stone and find the energy vortices at Sedona.
Despite a lifetime of travel around the globe, it was this trip in 2010 that opened me to experiencing the energy of the earth and developed my interest in shamanism.

Mexico 2011

We were meant to return to Egypt but there was a coup.  So, with only a few weeks’ notice we turned our sights to Mexico, Belize and Guatemala.  This is interesting.  Usually I research and plan, but Spirit had a different idea.  We were to have no plans because no plans meant no expectations and no expectations opened us up to a whole range of possibility.

We hired a car for two months, bought a map and drove.  As such we allowed the trip to develop.  We travelled, unknown to us, at the hottest possible time … May/June.  Hot and still.  Unbearably hot and still.  For travellers and locals alike.  But with the heat came an understanding of acceptance.
For us, Mexico was a journey of acceptance and trust.  It was a time when we began to listen to our inner guidance.  And it was the first time when we felt like we were really working as a team.  “Team Us”.

USA 2012

I was attending a ten day astrology conference in New Orleans and so we decided to take two months and drive and camp our way from Los Angeles to New Orleans and back.  So … what adventure was in store for us this time?  So we each picked places we were drawn to go. We did not ask why … we just knew we needed to be in these places.  When we sat down together with our “special spots” … oh dear … it meant we needed to drive from Los Angeles to New Orleans via the Canadian border in Wyoming and then the Mexican border in Texas, plus some other out of the way places in between.

And so our 12,000 mile journey began.  We started to feel the energies of the earth in a way we had not before.  Perhaps, finally, we were starting to listen!  Starting to listen?  The trip was so fast and furious (12,000 miles is a lot of driving when you are setting up and pulling down tents every day) that we felt like we were so exhausted at times that all we could do WAS listen.  We were reduced by circumstance to listen.
And in our “listening” we felt like we were picking up little pockets of energy from one place and transporting them to another.  I was working with my crystals on this trip.

Hawaii 2013

I went to Hawaii to learn KARUNA Reiki Mastership from William Rand on the island of Maui.  And so we decided to spend five weeks in Hawaii, driving, camping, being.  “Being”.  “Being” was hard for me.  Standing still was hard for me.  Give me 12,000 miles of driving … it is so often easier to be always on the move.  But here we were on the most geographically remote islands on earth … tiny tiny dots … and we were here for five weeks!  It was enough to give me panic attacks.
So why did we need to stand still?  Because we found that in the acceptance of standing still we looked around us and found little pockets of “wow”.  That is how I describe Hawaii.  It is a land of miracles and these miracles are everywhere.  We just become immune to them.
In the words of Hans Christian Anderson:

“The whole world is a series of miracles,

but we’re so used to them we call them ordinary things.”

And once we looked to the miracles we met others doing the same.  People working for the earth.  And we met and exchanged blessings and then went our separate ways.  And Michael and I stood on cliff tops and started chanting and calling to the whales.  We could feel the energy of the planet alive and pulsating.
But most importantly of all … we understood our purpose.  Michael and I together.  We will continue travelling and learning and communicating and we will pass on our knowledge to others who seek, so that they too, in their own way and their own time, will awaken to their journey on this beautiful planet we call home.

Tasmania  2013

Where do we spend the Equinox?  I had known for some time that 23rd September 2013 was a very important date astrologically.  Focus was now returning to the earth – the trees and lakes.  Many people had found themselves relocating to these environments or being drawn to do work or spend time there.  Trees and lakes.  Trees and lakes.  TASMANIA.

In September 2013, Michael and I travelled around Tasmania for three weeks in a campervan. Of course this is probably the worst time to go, given it is winter and wet in Tasmania.  But really … how much cold and rain can that place get?  Well … a lot!  An entire three weeks’ worth to be exact.  It almost broke our spirit.  Almost.  Until we realised that fun is to be had wherever you are.  It just takes a shift in perspective.

We understood that it was important for our relationship at this point to be in close confines – driving, sitting, sleeping in our little camper.  There were precious few times when we could happily enjoy sitting outdoors.  Understanding that moments in time must be seized and used to their fullest.  Again, doing away with expectations.  Planning in such conditions was a complete waste of time.

It was some time later that a realisation came upon us.  Why were we here?  To sing and make sound for Trees and Lakes.  Oh.  And what do Trees and Lakes need most?  Water.  Well, that was indeed a job well done!


Around The World In 90 Days

Part 1

Peru … Bolivia … Mexico

We had not intended to go around the world.  Our sights were set primarily on Peru and Bolivia and most particularly Machu Picchu.  And then it happened.  I had a dream.  And the dream said “Get thee to north west Scotland”.


There was to be a shamanic astrology gathering for the total lunar eclipse amongst the stone circles of Callanish in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland. Just a short flight north of the Hebrides would see us in Iceland, a landscape we had long been keen to experience.Added to this there were a couple of places we felt we needed to visit in Mexico and I had for some time wanted to visit Chartres cathedral in France.  Add on Dubai just because we can and we had the makings of our “around the world” journey.

Our itinerary:

  • Three weeks in Peru and Bolivia
  • Ten days in Mexico
  • One month in Scotland
  • Two weeks in Iceland
  • One week in France

Initially the thought of rushing around the world in 90 days was not so appealing.  We are not usually ones for fast and furious travel.  But the very moment we boarded the plane for Chile we were hooked into the flow.  Seduced by the slipstream.  The movement around the earth that saw us flow from one story to the next, like chapters in a book.

This illustrates our travels firstly through Peru where we spent quite some time exploring Cusco, the Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu.  A twelve hour train ride then took us south to Lake Titicaca on the Bolivian border.

Our time in Bolivia was spent at Copacabana on the shores of Lake Titicaca from where we visited the Island of the Moon and the Island of the Sun.  We then drove onto La Paz and the ruins of Tiwanaku.

There were three reasons for us revisit Mexico.  The amazing ruins of Coba which we did not manage to see on our last visit in 2011.  Loltun Caves … scene of the famous “We gave up the chance to visit the portal to Inner Earth in favour of Orange Juice” story.  And another visit into the Biosphere to our favourite Rio Bec sites:  Calakmul and Chicanna.   Added to this was a few days at a site we both feel at home in … Uxmal … and a day at Chitchen Itza … because we were just driving by.

Part 2


We were heading to the standing stones of Callanish on the Isle of Lewis in far north Scotland.  We were to be part of a shamanic astrology gathering.  Ten days on this isolated wind swept island working with the lunar eclipses and the stone circles.

Thirty participants from all over the world attended and contributed.  We performed ceremony in honour of the Ancestors amongst the stone circles.  We were working on releasing all that is outdated and creating a clear space for fresh new energy to emerge.  It was an amazing experience.  It was a privilege to be part of this.

There were four Aussies in the group – four of us who had worked together in the past.  Penny, Kathleen, Michael and I.  “The Melbourne Mob” we called ourselves.  Kathleen made her own way to Callanish.  But we collected Penny in London and hit the road north.  We travelled through Salisbury and Glastonbury, up the length of Wales and into Scotland.  Cold, wet, windy and deliciously green.

After Callanish, the three of us headed down to the sacred island of Iona.  A most magical place indeed.  We visited the community of Findhorn, drove the entire far north coast of Scotland, and finished with the druid wells of Dunino near Edinburgh and Roslyn Chapel

Part 3


We spent two weeks in Iceland in the late Spring/early Summer of 2014.  At these extreme latitudes at this time of year there are twenty-two hours of daylight and two hours of gloaming.   We had always wanted to experience the “white nights”.

The country is known for its wide open spaces … its constant wind … its numbing cold … and yes in places its sulphuric smell.  It is the “Land of Fire and Ice” afterall.   But it is a country begging for exploration and adventure and appreciation of all things outdoors.  It is a land where you need to work “with” the elements.  Not against them.  As such it can be challenging.  Especially when travelling in a campervan.  But it is similarly oh so rewarding.  Oh so pure.   So exhilarating. Oh so honest.  Oh so bloody cold … So very different from anything we had experienced before.

  • What rhythm does one work with if the sun does not set? What rhythm does one work with when the birds never sleep?
  • How do you look at the scenery in a country in perpetual “gloaming”? Can you train your eyes  to look “through” and not “at”.
  • How do you find your direction … your centre … when you cannot use sunrise and sunset as marker points. When sunrise occurs in the far far north east … and sunset in the far far north west …  sunset and full moon rise come from the same direction for goodness sake!  For quite some time we felt quite off-balance.

Come journey with us … not through a land of black and white … but through the blackest of blacks … the whitest of whites … the greenest of greens … the yellowest of yellows … the bluest of blues.

Lapland 2015

In January 2015 we travelled to Swedish and Finnish Lapland and into the far north of Norway.  Our aim was to spend a month driving inside the Arctic Circle in the “long night” of winter.  We also wanted to see the Aurora Borealis.  And knowing that auroras were very dependent on weather conditions, we wanted to ensure we had enough time to be able to see them.

At times we wondered what the hell we were doing driving through Scandinavia in the near dark … in the gloaming of high latitudes in winter … in deep snow … and at temperatures of minus 30 degrees.

But it wasn’t all about what we could see … it was what we could feel .. it was for the experience.

And so began our month long journey through the Arctic Circle … chasing auroras, chasing the cold, chasing the snow, chasing the reindeer, chasing whales, chasing new experiences … this just might have been the funnest trip ever!

Western Australia & Uluru – 2016

It occurred to us one day to go west.  I think it started with the thought that neither of us had travelled across the Nullarbor.  It seemed somehow “unaustralian” to live your entire life in this grand continent and never to traverse it east to west.

The seeds were thus sown for a big Aussie trip.  And it was time to return to desert lands.  I love the desert.  T.E. Lawrence once wrote:

“The call of the desert to the thinker of the city has always been irresistible.  I don’t think they find God there … but they hear more distinctly in solitude the living verb they carry within themselves.”

We had six weeks.  We planned to follow the coastline from our home in Torquay all the way to Perth camping as much as possible by the beach. Then we would travel north to Kalbarri before heading inland on the Great Central 4WD Track to Uluru.

Spain & Portugal – 2017

How did this “journey” start? The stirrings to go to “PORTU-GRAAL”, which means “Through You, The Grail”, were felt some months earlier. There was a conference I was interested in. Astronomy and Cosmology. And this Conference was to be at the Templar Castle town of Monsaraz on the border of Portugal and Spain. At the time of the September Equinox.

Portugal … land of megalithic stone circles and dolmens and other interesting rock structures, shares the same longitude and Celtic connection as Galicia and Ireland. Galicia … any talk of Galicia instantly brings to mind Santiago de Compostela. The beautiful cathedral of Compostela marks the end of the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage, a walk I had undertaken 18 years earlier. Suddenly I wanted to return to Compostela.

Victorian Tour – 2020

2020 was a most interesting year. The Year the World Stood Still. Like the pressing of a pause button.

We are now a Clear Slate. No past to bind us … the future yet to be written … and here we are right in the middle … in the pause … with the ability to create the Story of the New Earth.

Regional Victoria had only just opened to travel after months of lockdown – Melbourne would remain locked down for another month – and of course no-one could travel interstate. If we hit the road on the very day the Regions were free to travel then we just might have the whole place to ourselves. And that is what happened. To be the ONLY people at the 12 Apostles was a pure privilege and is something that we will probably not experience again.

We spent three weeks travelling around Victoria – something we would not normally do – how often does one hang out in their own backyard when there is the rest of the country, nay world, to see? I had always known the diversity of this small state but I had never truly appreciated it until this trip.