The following links are to colleagues who are all doing terrific work in helping people move forward in a more empowered way.  No longer are we working and living in isolation.  The world is now moving towards the concept of community.  This is our future.  Communities working together.




Dr Tricia Mottram is a brilliant massage therapist,  healing practitioner and yoga teacher.  Amongst her specialities are Ayurvedic herbal medicine and chakra therapy.  She runs courses in working with chakras.

Vic Ketis is one of Australia’s best known Chinese astrologers and Feng Shui consultants.  Vic lectures in Australia and internationally and he teaches Feng Shui, Chinese Astrology and Tarot.


Kathleen Janson is a nurse who has now turned her interest to Egyptian aromatherapy. She is a practitioner of Egyptian Emotional Cleansing Technique and Raindrop Therapy.  It is a treatment which involves the dripping of essentials oils on your back and light massage.  It is wonderful for emotional clearance and a treatment I have used on several occasions.

Kachina Ma’an is the founder of Pellowah Healing Technique.  She is currently the only person who conducts Pellowah Level 3.  She also consults as a psychic medium.  Kachina lives in the Sunshine Coast.

Kachina can be contacted on: