Kabbalah Articles


This section will be a repository for interesting Kabbalah articles.  I have been studying, working with and teaching Kabbalah for eight years now.  It will be a lifelong journey, as it is for all those who reconnect with this ancient wisdom.  Kabbalah is a mind map for shifting consciousness.  It is not surprising then to find that with the shift of consciousness comes healing.

I am particularly interested in healing and sound and the ways we can direct the chant of the Hebrew letters to particular parts of our bodies which need healing and balancing.

More recently I have been working with the major arcana tarot cards as healing energies when they are linked with the Sephiroth of the Tree of Life.  When you learn how to become the High Priestess or the Magician or the Empress; when you are able to call them into being within you, healing at all levels results.

Article 1:  “Human Becoming”

by Ted Andrews

Excerpt:  Learning to utilise and incorporate all of our energies at all times in full consciousness and with full responsibility … this is the Great Work.  It is becoming more than human … it is what makes us a human being.

Article 2:  “The Application of Sound in Kabbalistic Healing”

by Mark Malachi

Excerpt:  The Tree of Life can be viewed as the blueprint or prototype for the human body.  It is composed of ten Sephiroth, each a vibrating and pulsating vortex of energy.  Each Sephiroth corresponds to an area of the human body.  When one of the Sephiroth is underdeveloped, its spiritual gift is unrealised and a blockage can occur in the corresponding aspect of the person.  The optimum state of health exists when each Sephiroth is in harmony with each of the other Sephiroth.

Article 3:  “Qabala Magic”

by Ted Andrews

Excerpt:  Through the magic and mysticism of the Qabala, the ancient doors and gates are again opened to each of us.  We are offered the opportunity to expand our consciousness so that we in turn can radiate more light upon our world.

Article 4:  “Kabbalah or Qabalah”

by me and Will Parfitt

Excerpt:   There are a number of ways to spell Kabbalah.  You may come across Cabalah or Cabala or Qabalah or Qabala,  So what is the difference?