Learn Kabbalah

Want to learn Kabbalah?

Why learn Kabbalah? Kabbalah teaches a structured meditation.  It utilises sound (chanting) and visual images (symbols and the tarot).  It also works with your personal astrology.

Each of us holds inside, our own map of consciousness.  This contains valuable information about who we are. How we came to be where we are now, what our fears and limitations are, and so what possibilities are available to us.  When you learn Kabbalah in a course you will use the structure of the Tree of Life and your personal astrology to reveal your inner maps. You will learn to work with them, so you can understand yourself and know your place and purpose in the cosmos.

“Asharni  is an exceptional guide, with a vast and growing knowledge of this wonderful, multi-layered, map of consciousness. With each session she brings in new insights and practices, linking kabbalah, astrology, astronomy and tarot. Her teaching style is interactive and engaging, easily adapted to beginners and to more experienced students. I can highly recommend her TOLK teachings.”  Tricia, Kyneton

Learning Kabbalah gives you:

  • Increased enjoyment as it gives the conscious mind an opportunity to relax.
  • Enhances concentration.
  • Stretches and improves the imagination.Learn Kabbalah
  • Develops the ability to work with symbols.
  • Awakens hidden skills, ideas and inspirations.
  • Intensifies communication between levels of our consciousness.
  • Satisfies the intellect whilst helping develop a feeling state of being.
  • Helps us become consciously aware of synchronicities.
  • Brings greater trust in ourselves and in our intuition.
  • Develops a greater feeling of connection to all that is around us.
  • Stimulates greater self control.
  • Leads to a more expansive way of being.

Kabbalah has always been studied and used to initiate change within ourselves and thus also within our environment.  Change does not come from life itself.  Change comes from living that life and by acting upon and within it.  Kabbalah helps us do this.

Kabbalah is a powerful tool for understanding your life path and learning to work with energy.  We westerners have looked to the “east” for their philosophical teachings when actually we have our very own western esoteric system which can be traced beyond Hebrew times.

“TOLK has helped me to venture beyond myself. It has helped me to be more present, more aware of my life and the events that occur within it.  Asharni is a jewel in our sky, she shines brightly and holds the space to allow us all to experience the process of TOLK as a group energy, and at the same time it remains a very personal experience.”  Neena

In the first year of study you will be working with the Tree of Life and your personal astrology.  You will be learning to feel the personal energies you currently work in this incarnation.

In the second year of study you will be introduced to the constellations, the solstices and equinoxes and you will learn how to feel and work with the energies of the heavens.

“TOLK has been, for me, an excellent method and support for both meditation and long term personal development.” Pru

There will be optional homework given to enhance your experience.