When I began my professional business as a counselling astrologer, healing work was far from my mind.  However, I soon learned that even though astrology certainly brings “awareness” to a person’s life, some clients still needed more help to change habits or behavioural patterns that they had lived with for a mighty long time. So began my journey into the healing modalities.  Those which I primarily work with now are:



Pellowah Healing:   $70.00  (60 minutes)

Pellowah is a simple, powerful and effective way to bring positive change into your life.  You experience a new perspective, an attitudinal shift, allowing you to make higher and better choices.  Pellowah is great for working on emotional blockages in your life.  Pellowah is a “hands off” healing modality.

Reiki Healing:  $70.00 (60 minutes)

Reiki healing works on the energy centres, or chakras, bringing body and mind into an even balance. It encourages self-healing, strengthens body and soul. Reiki opens blockages, balances the chakras and rebuilds harmony. Its aim is to increase energy levels and promote relaxation and well-being. Reiki is a “hands on”  healing modality.

Arbah Healing     $50.00

Arbah healing allows codes for change to be established within the Aura.  It is used to instil certain energies into a person which encourages spiritual growth. The process takes up to two weeks to complete. Over this period, the energy and the personality of the recipient will change as the Arbah energy encourages them to reconstruct new energy from within.  Arbah is very useful for depression, anxiety, panic attacks, fears and deeply embedded patterns, severe and chronic illnesses.


I also teach both Pellowah and Reiki:

People often think that Pellowah and Reiki workshops are for those wanting to learn how to do these healings so that they can work on others.  In both instances, the prime reason to learn these modalities is for one’s own spiritual development.  They are both absolutely extraordinary.

Pellowah enables us to think more expansively, to distance ourselves from attachment. We may become more objective, less involved in other people’s lives. Pellowah helps us to connect to something greater than ourselves, to go beyond the personal and reconnect to ancient wisdom.

Reiki enables us to become more structured and disciplined in our lives.  It gives us the tools to put a disciplined spiritual practice in place.  Reiki helps us with meditation.  It helps us with balance and helps us with stability.  It helps us feel energy within ourselves.  Reiki helps us connect from and to our core.