Pellowah Workshops

Pellowah workshops and Pellowah Healing Technique©

Pellowah Workshops (a weekend course)

The Pellowah workshops include registration as a Pellowah practitioner with Kachina Ma’an,the founder of pellowah, certification and workbooks,  a light lunch and snacks.

Cost: $420.

Pellowah workshops are held in Torquay, 20kms south of Geelong.pellowah workshops

Level 1 and Level 2 Pellowah workshops are held over one weekend.  They are usually done as a complete unit.  Level 1 is the practitioner training.  Level 2 is the expansion of consciousness workshop. There are a series of attunements, practice with healings, symbol work, meditations and an introduction to the Merkabah.  There will be lots to cover.

We keep classes small so there is plenty of time for discussion in a relaxed environment.

ALTHOUGH PELLOWAH IS A GREAT HEALING TECHNIQUE, ITS PRIMARY FOCUS IS TO INCREASE YOUR AWARENESS.  It does this by raising your vibrational frequency.  The name means “radical shift in consciousness” and this is how I feel it within myself and in my work.  I also like to call it a “decluttering process”.  After Pellowah workshops, participants will actually feel as if the little things in life no longer hold power.  A shift in perspective occurs.  And this shift then helps the person move on to other spiritual pathways much more easily … if that is the direction they wish to take.

Once you have completed the pellowah workshops, you are then able to have further attunements, which are faster and more powerful than healings.

It is a beautiful thing to both give and receive Pellowah attunements while sitting at sacred sites around the world.

Most people who do the pellowah workshops, do so for their
own spiritual development.

I was 20 years old and a little lost in my life direction and  I came to a Pellowah workshop on the advice of a friend.  I had no idea what to expect.  This was new and unusual for me.  Within two weeks of doing the Pellowah my life changed completely.   Somehow I could see my way clear of the sad place I had got myself into and within the space of a few months my life had completely turned around. Now, four years later, If ever I feel that sense of being lost, I come back for more attunements.     If I were to describe this energy, I would say that it opens me up to see other possibilities.   Jonathon L.

Kachina Ma’an, the Founder of Pellowah

Kachina Ma’an has dedicated her life to the spiritual evolution of humankind.  It was through a series of dreams and visions that Kachina was directed by Spirit to channel this healing technique and give it the name Pellowah.

pellowah workshops


Pellowah was first taught in 2003, and since that time Kachina has travelled extensively teaching this healing technique and changing  people’s lives. Many believe that this is the purest form of healing available to us at this time.

Pellowah Healing Technique© was not brought through as a healing technique but as a tool for enlightenment.  The healing capabilities acquired are the by-product of the shift in consciousness that occurs when attuned.

Kachina lives on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland.  She teaches a number of workshops for spiritual development and she continues to do psychic readings.  She does not have a website, but can be contacted at:

My Journey with Kachina

It was way back in 2001 when I first met Kachina.  I was at a major crossroads in my life and needed the help of a psychic/medium to gain some clarity.  And so our journey together began, although I was not aware at the time of the turn my life would take.

I travelled to Queensland many times to attend Kachina’s channelled workshops and spiritual circles and I remember clearly when, in 2003, Kachina brought in “that thing we do” as Pellowah was called in those days.

The original goal was:

  • How can we more easily get to the next step … whatever that is!
  • How can we increase our level of awareness and consciousness?
  • Why does this have to be so hard?
  • How can we increase our vibrational frequency?
  • Why can’t we just fill people up with Light?

And so Pellowah came to be.

I continue to work closely with Kachina.  She is the only person who teaches Level 3 and I have sat in on a great many classes over the years when I hosted her in Melbourne.  During that time we have seen Pellowah develop into so much more than was originally expected.  It is simple yet so very profound.

The more I teach it the more I am in awe and deep respect for this energy.  I am a counselling astrologer and so I see people struggling with negative patterns in their life.  Should any of my clients go on to do a Pellowah workshop or have a healing, I see such enormous improvement.

Pellowah shines light on the patterns that are keeping us stuck so that we can view them more objectively and with this calm and clarity we are able to make better choices.

Why was I attracted to Pellowah Healing?

I first came to Pellowah because my husband, Michael, was ill with a liver condition which required 12 months of intensive chemotherapy. To support him through this time, we looked at complementary treatments and natural remedies. Michael found Pellowah to be of great help.  I then participated in a Pellowah workshop, mainly to help him with treatments.   What I had not realised was that I, too, would benefit greatly from the workshops.

I was so taken by this healing, that I learned how to teach it so that I could pass this wonderful form of healing on to others.  Over the years I have taught many people Pellowah and I have seen the difference it has made to their lives.  There seems to be a lightness of being, a feeling of joy and connection, a detachment from all that pulls us down in this life … a new perspective.

My husband, Michael, has since become a Pellowah practitioner and teacher. We run workshops from our home.  Our courses are fun and informative and Michael is our host.  He prepares a good lunch and a good laugh.

In Michael’s words:

With an 11 month chemotherapy course hanging over my head, a friend suggested that I try my first “fish slapping”. The treatment they suggested was indeed Pellowah. Just lie on the table, well even I could do that, and so I had my first Pellowah healing. Wow… I bounced up of the table full, but full of what. Full of energy, wellness, readiness, happiness, all of these things. I danced away from that first healing ready to take on my chemo. While undergoing chemo, I did the workshops.  I did the workshops so that I could have regular attunements, which are stronger than healings.  Did the Pellowah cure my illness no the chemo did. Did the Pellowah adjust my mindset and wellbeing during the chemo, absolutely.   Michael G.

All in the Family

pellowah workshops

Pete and Michelle

So … who originally introduced me to Kachina?  My brother Peter who lives near Brisbane.  It was a surprise to me back then that my little bro was a spiritual dude!  He kept that one a secret!  He has been working with Kachina since the late 1990s.  My brother and his lovely wife Michelle were some of the earliest Pellowah teachers and they currently run the Queensland Pellowah Centre.

They offer a range of other “stuff” just like we do.  And we seem to keep following each other around the world as well visiting sacred sites.

A formal description of Pellowah

Pellowah Healing Technique © is channeled from Divine Source Energy. It was through a Pellowah workshopsseries dreams and visions that Kachina Ma’an was directed by spirit to channel this Healing Technique, and give it the name Pellowah.

In July 2003, Kachina attuned two people working in the healing field to Pellowah. They decided that they would offer Pellowah Healings to clients and friends in order to evaluate the results. Within a short time it was clear that the Pellowah Healing Technique was working and working very well. It was bringing about a shift in consciousness, with healing on all levels.

The name Pellowah is angelic for ‘ Radical Shift in Consciousness’. Although this is an Angelic word, it is not healing from the Angelic Kingdom.

Pellowah connects all 12 strands of DNA – ready for activation. It unblocks and realigns all the meridians within the body, giving a feeling of well-being and connection which allows for a Radical Shift in Consciousness. One can experience a new expanded perception and a more objective understanding and outlook on life. Importantly, through this we are able to make choices which take us to greater heights and levels in our life.

So … what are these 12 strands of DNA?

Each strand of DNA stores a particular string of knowledge and as we evolve and learn to connect and activate these strands pellowah workshopsaccessing our so far hidden knowledge, the way we do things and the way we see and interact in our world will change.

Imagine that a human being is like a huge house and that the house has 12 rooms. When it was still under construction only 2 rooms were wired and electricity connected so that only the most basic of needs could be met.

Over time you have outgrown the 2 rooms that have been available to you so you make an effort to get an electrician to wire up the whole house. Pellowah is the electrician that wires up all 12 rooms for you. This is the connection of the 12 strands of DNA. Eventually, all lights will be on and you will have access to everything in the house. At that point there is nothing hidden and you are unlimited.

What can I expect from Pellowah

Many powerful forms of healing produce feelings of well-being that seem to last two days to a week, Pellowah produces feelings that last and seem to get stronger as time goes by. The growth and expansion brought about by Pellowah helps a person to build on their old frameworks without trauma; they have a new perspective and therefore make better choices.

Thank you Asharni so much for the Pellowah workshops, it was lovely to spend time with you and learn so many new things.  Based on other healing training I have had I found your workshops to be very relaxing, informative, supportive and flowed nicely.  Energetically I feel like there are huge changes happening for me, and that’s exciting!!    Barbara O.