Codes for Change and Acceleration

Codes for Change A New Technology for Growth

Codes for Change and Acceleration’ is a unique, simple, powerful and efficient new technology for personal growth.

What does it do?codes for change

  •   Increases Intuition, Clarity, Empowerment, Awareness
  •   Brings a sense of excitement for life
  •   Puts you in control of your own personal growth
  •   Helps you to operate on a higher level in your daily life so things become easier

How does it work?

The Codes talk to the deepest part of you, allowing growth on an expanded yet personal level.

It is very simple – like pressing buttons on your hands.

Pressing these places on your hands activates amazing effects within both your physical body and your energetic field.

Once you have completed the workshop it takes only five minutes to reactivate the incredible benefits.  Your personal growth can be at your own pace.  This can be done either daily, weekly or whenever it feels right for you.  It’s like losing weight without dieting, except it is for Self Growth.

It allows everybody to have a totally normal life but still be in charge of their own progress.

“You don’t have to change your life to do this … but doing this will change your life”

The Workshops

“Codes for Change and Acceleration” is currently held in two parts.  These are “parts” and not “levels”, meaning that you can do “part 2” before “part 1”.

You will learn a series of 13 codes in each of Part 1 and Part 2.  These 13 codes are designed to activate within your field to produce change and accelerate your spiritual growth.

You will learn 10 characters and there will be a series of 10 attunements to go with these characters.

The codes will activate and realign your field ready for change.  In the workshop you will be learning and activating these codes and the method to use them every day.

For me Codes for Change provide rapid access to a means of transformation. They are symbols that trigger awareness of and access to the non-material world.’  Tricia

Personally, I find Codes for Change to be the closest thing we have to taking a “spiritual pill”.  It is really that easy.  “Orange juice and Codes for Change for breakfast” is what I often say.  When you take “the Codes pill” … and it only takes five minutes … you will find an expansion takes place … a letting go … and from this position it becomes easier to move forward.  Codes for Change complements everything you do.

It perhaps comes as no surprise that there is a healing component to Codes for Change. It took me some time to really understand this. If the Codes are creating shifts in our energetic field that enable our growth and expansion then it stands to reason that healing will follow.

Cost:  $160 per day.  Includes light lunch, snacks and materials. 

‘Having recently done Codes 2, I have to say they are just awesome.  I am noticing differences already.  I definitely feel a stronger sense of purpose and confidence and I look forward to waking up just so I can do them!   Asharni is a wonderful teacher, you will be in for a fantastic weekend.’  Sue..

Who developed this workshop?

Kachina Ma’an, the Founder of Pellowah, channelled this workshop in 2010 and since that time she has travelled throughout Australia teaching this technique with amazing results.  Kachina has dedicated her life to Spirit and the spiritual evolution of mankind.  She lives on the Sunshine Coast. I have personally worked with Kachina since 2001 and I was eagerly present at the very first Codes for Change and Acceleration course held in Brisbane.

In 2015 Kachina introduced a Teacher/Trainer component, thus enabling more people to have access to this powerful and efficient “new technology” for personal growth. She no longer personally teaches Codes 1 or Codes 2 … she leaves this for we, her “teachers”. However, she continues to teach Codes for Change and Acceleration Teacher/Trainor from her home state of Queensland.