Courses – an introduction

I soon realised that, even though healings are fabulous, the greatest energetic shifts occur within you if you participate in one of the courses.

I teach the following:

Why is it better to do a course?  In a course you will receive a number of healings.  You will also be “attuned” to these energies.  Attunements are like setting the dial on a radio station so that you can naturally beam in a particular energetic frequency.  Attunements are many times stronger than a healing and they have the effect of increasing your energetic body so that it can actually take on more energy.  With Reiki, you will also be able to do self-healing.

Are courses only for people who want to teach?  Most definitely not.  Most people doing these courses are doing so for their own spiritual development.  It will also mean you will be able to give healings to family or pets.  And you never ever know … the time may come when you do decide to teach!

My husband, Michael, is the host for all courses – he provides a great lunch – and he assists in the teaching, helping people feel at ease with any questions they may have.

What is the Kabbalah course?  There is a specific tab set up for information on this.  I am continually looking for ways to help people move forward and find their direction or connection to Spirit.  A natural extension of Pellowah healing, for me, was coming to understand the Kabbalah.  There is a link between Pellowah and Kabbalah and activating the Merkabah field.  I began studying Kabbalah a number of years ago and I currently facilitate groups of committed people where, via chanting and meditation, we can explore the Tree of Life.