Astrology Workshop

The Astrology of Awakening – A Series of one day workshops

There are four workshops I thoroughly recommend if you want to deepen into your astrology practice.

Venus, Mercury and Mars

Three of these workshops teach you how to work with the Synodic Cycles of the three key archetypes:  Venus, Mars and Mercury.  Mercury has a synodic cycle of four months; Venus has a  cycle of 19 months; Mars has a cycle of 26 months.  The very first synodic cycle which students of astrology would become familiar with is that of the Moon.  The Moon has a 29 day synodic cycle – from New Moon to New Moon.  The very first rituals and ceremonies one would learn would pertain to the moon.  This is a good start.

The other three planets mentioned above, however, also have their cycles, rituals, mythologies and ceremonies.  These were all used by the ancients.  The workshops offered are theoretical and experiential.  I like to work with story and with meditation and with discussion.  There are only four people per class, so we can spread out, ask questions, enjoy, learn.

Timelines and Initiation Gates

The fourth workshop is essential, I feel, for any student of astrology or psychology or those who like to work in women’s circles or men’s circles.  This is the Timelines and Initiations workshop.  We will map out the astrological initiations from age 14 through to 88.  88 is considered to be the astrological lifespan.  At 88 it is done.  The third Saturn Return.  If you live longer, then that is a bonus.  The aim is to reach 88 years (if you are fortunate enough to do so) with the feeling of a life well lived and a life with no regrets.

It is very important to know which initiation you are currently moving through as well as the one that is to come.  These Initiations happen at the same age for everyone.   In this workshop we will journey through the Solar System – to each planet.  It is important to see the planets as part of a System – a Living Body – with the Sun at the heart.  A journey through the solar system is a journey through ourselves.

Venus Magic and Healing – Connecting to and working with our Goddess energy (The Energy of Becoming”):

Next workshop:  22nd July or  30th July 2023 in alignment with the start of the new VENUS cycle in LEO.

Cost is $180 which includes your astrology chart and personal Venus workbook.  Because of the ceremonial nature of this workshop, it is only offered during the alignment of Earth, Venus and the Sun (every nine months).

This is the workshop to do if you are new to synodic cycles; new to ceremonially working with astrology and earth/sky connection; or new to exploring visual astrology.  What you learn in the VENUS MAGIC and HEALING workshop will help you understand the cycles of Mars and Mercury.

Exploring the synodic cycle and the myth of Venus and your personal place in that cycle/myth.  Venus represents what we desire in life.  She is our connection to the Goddess Within.  What kind of Goddess are we; what do we desire; what do we want to become; what sort of relationships are we attracted to? The Venus cycle is about EMPOWERMENT and RENEWAL as Venus (and we) move from surrender to rebirth to reclaiming our power in a 19 month period.  What is our personal place in this cycle?  Are we working with surrender or transformation or reclaiming our power as a life theme?

There will be an explanation of the five pointed star and the “Venus Gates”.  We will be learning how to work with the monthly Moon/Venus cycle in personal ritual.  There will be meditation, chanting and healing involved in this workshop.  It is both theoretical and experiential.

Every 8 years we go through a VENUS RETURN cycle.  For those of you in a RETURN cycle, this is a powerful time for renewal of our original set of instructions and for our evolution.  If you will be turning 24, 32, 40, 48, 56, 64 between the dates of  19th August 2023 and  29 March 2025, you will be in a VENUS RETURN.


Timelines and Initiation Gates – a journey through the key points of your life

Next workshop:  21st October 2023 or 22nd October 2023.

Cost is $180 which includes astrology chart and workbook plus lots of handouts on planetary initiations and how to work with them.

There are ages in our life when the cycle of the transiting planets connect to form an INITIATION GATEWAY.   In this fabulous workshop we will walk through every initiation from Ages 14/15 through to 88.  Some of these initiations relate to aligning with soul intent; others with taking responsibility and making commitment; still others are about renewal or reinvention of ourselves.  Knowing where you are on the astrological timeline is very empowering.

We will talk about how to work with each initiation.  What is the difference between an Upper World Initiation; a Lower World Initiation; a Middle World Initiation?  This workshop is valuable for ALL – including those new to astrology.  It is helpful for those working in the counselling profession as one only needs to know a person’s age to know what initiation they are going through.  We will begin the session with a journey through the solar system and an understanding of the planets.


Manifesting with Mercury – Mercury Alchemy and Wisdom

Next workshop:  2nd December 2023 or 3rd December 2023 in alignment with the start of the Mercury retrograde cycle.  This is the perfect timing to prepare for working the four month cycle.

Cost is $180 which includes your astrology chart and handouts on how to work the cycle.

Working with Mercury Consciousness which is the energy of manifestation.  Mercury is also about communication with our Spirit.  How does our mind work?  Who is Thoth and Hermes Trismegistus.  What is the Emerald Tablet, the Hermetic Principles (the Laws of the Universe – the way energy works).  Learning  how to ceremonially engage with this cycle, including the retrogrades.  What are Mercury synodic returns?  How do we use this cycle to restructure our beliefs and thought patterns.  We will also explore the metaphysical planet VULCAN in this workshop.  There will be a series of meditations.


Quest for MARS – The Hero’s Journey.

Next workshop:  25th November or 26th November 2023 in alignment the conjunction of Mars and the Sun.

Cost is $180 which includes your astrology chart and handouts on how to work the cycle.

Which type of hero are we?  What is our quest?  How best do we express our life-force or chi?  The myths we work on will be Hercules and Gilgamesh.  What is your place in the myth?  This helps us so much with understanding our motivation and drive.  We are so much MORE than just having MARS in a zodiac sign.  Come explore … hero style!  There will be a series of meditations in this workshop.

The signs of MARS and VENUS do not describe how a person is initially but rather what is intended for a person to discover and explore so in a sense it is what they are becoming.