Astrology Consultations

People use astrology consultations for different reasons.  Some people feel stuck or lost in their life and would like a little help understanding what their blockages might be or to gain some direction.  Others would just like a basic chart analysis for interest’s sake.  Whatever your motivation to seek out an astrologer … welcome to a whole new world of self-discovery.  You will be taken on a journey through your chart … I use a combination of astrology, symbology, tarot and kabbalah in my work.   These are all used in conjunction to help you “engage” with your chart and understand your life purpose and soul intent.  We all do better when we can point our compass north.

Standard Astrology Consultations:   $220.00 with personal written report 

An hour and a half consultation to discuss your natalastrology consultations chart and the energies surrounding you at the current time.  An astrology consultation should be a journey of self-discovery.  During our time together you can raise any particular issues which may be concerning you.  I use a combination of astrology, symbology, tarot and kabbalah in my work.   These are all used in conjunction to help you “engage” with your chart and understand your life purpose.  The consultation will be taped.

Your personal written report

This report is personally prepared by me after our astrology consultation.  It is nicely bound and can be used as a reference work or workbook for your life journey.

What you have written is very accurate.  I have already gotten so much out of reading it. I definitely feel this is me.  It may sound weird, but I actually feel a bit less confused in myself just reading why I am like this.  This is a great start for me.   Thanks so much Asharni.”  Sandra.  

Standard Astrology Consultation without report: $160

An hour and a half to discuss you natal chart and the energies surrounding you at the current time.  This consultation will be taped and you will receive some handouts – but not a personal report.

Additional Consultations:   $120.00

A one hour consultation to help clarify anything in the written report or from our original consultation or to raise something you had forgotten about previously. Some people like to come regularly to work on issues, to check the energies.   This consultation will be taped and you will be given some written notes.

I also offer meditation sessions which help you FEEL the energies you play or the ones that you are having difficulty understanding or balancing

Annual  Astrology Consultations:  $120.00

Once the natal chart has been done and understood, often people would like readings to see what energies are affecting them in the following year.  Often these readings coincide with your birthday, as birthday charts can be done to show where the emphasis of energies will be in the coming year.

These sessions are excellent for goal setting or to help clarify any issues that are affecting you at the current time.  If you can learn to work with the astrological cycles rather than being pushed around by them, you will find that life will start to unfold in a much smoother fashion.  This consultation will be taped.  And you will be given some written notes.

“Not sure what I need” consultation:   $120.00.

Sometimes people don’t quite know what they need.  They may feel lost and confused and they are unsure where to turn for help.  I provide a safe space for you to talk about anything at all that is bothering you. In our time together I will look a little at your astrology and perhaps do some intuitive healing on you.

Spiritual Teaching: $125.00 per session

Interested in working “one on one”? I do private sessions where we might meet every few weeks (or however often you feel you need) for a period of time. These sessions help you understand the working of energy within you … how to identify imbalances … and how to focus, strengthen and harness your energy … how to feel more EMPOWERED in everything you do.

It will begin with your astrology chart and then I personalise your programme. This can include:

⦁ learning Reiki
⦁ having healings
⦁ learning how to work with the healing vibration of chant
⦁ aspects of Kabbalah
⦁ structured meditation
⦁ aspects of astrology and how to apply it to your circumstance
⦁ how to engage with the astrological cycles of initiation

I offer a safe space for you to explore and grow and include teachings that nourish your soul. These private sessions have become very popular.

“I have been working privately with Asharni for almost 2 years. It has been a magical journey which has enabled me to feel personally empowered and able to understand who I am and how I can choose differently. Asharni helped connect me to the Kabbalah, tarot, astrology, the archangels, meditation, chanting, symbols, colour and mythology and this has transformed my life. Asharni is a patient, knowledgeable, spiritual and practical teacher who I would highly recommend studying with and learning from.” Felicity

Astrology Teaching  

Many astrology courses take two or three years of detailed study.  This is needed to be a qualified astrologer. However, you can certainly gain enough understanding of the basics in a short course.  And in a way that is engaging and easy to grasp.

Currently I teach aspects of astrology as part of the Tree of Life Kabbalah courses. I also run astrology one day workshops. There will be a component of meditation in all my astrology teaching. Talking about astrology feeds our intellect and curiosity. Meditating upon the planets and constellations helps us EXPERIENCE and FEEL.

“I wanted to thank you for the journey of exploration into my natal chart – it was such an inspirational and valuable experience. I came away feeling really enlightened – it was like opening a series of little doors (like Alice down the rabbit hole!) – and you were such an energetic and enthusiastic presence; it was fun!”  Mel