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Astrology An Introduction

Astrology has been interwoven with history for as long as man has lived on this planet.  Until the late 17th Century there was no distinction between astronomers and astrologers.  They were one and the same.

Astronomy, in Greek, means the study of the laws of the stars.  Astrology means the story these stars tell us.

.Johannes Kepler was an astrologer … as was Galileo and also Isaac Newton.  These well-known historical figures, along with so many others, studied the “mechanics” of the celestial universe as well as asking the big questions.  Why we are here, what is our purpose and meaning, what stories do the constellations tell.  These wonderful thinkers, along with so many others, are our heritage.

Mankind has always, in all ancient cultures, placed their mythologies upon the heavens.  We could look to the night sky today and “plug in” to the collective thinking of our ancestors.  This is a most powerful image.

Astrology’s true power comes in connecting you to the energetic time into which you were born.  It helps you understand your own personal mythology, helps you find your fit.  It helps you find your anchor.  Your natal chart thus becomes a useful tool to which you can return again and again if you feel you are veering off course.  It is one the great gifts of the Universe.

I consult in Torquay, which is 20kms south of Geelong, Australia. Initial consultations are conducted in person.  This is my preference.  There are a number of teaching aids I use to help you connect with your chart. These are best done in person.  Your consultation is taped and a personal report  prepared for you.  Follow up consultations could be done by phone if this suits you.