Why I Changed My Name

A Jann to Asharni story

I was sitting in the home of Kachina Ma’an** in Queensland on a warm day last October (2011) and, among the many things of interest we discussed that day, we spoke of the importance of 11/11/11 and the concept of “new beginnings”.

It was right then … in her office … surrounded by her collection of crystal skulls … that I heard myself say “I feel it is time to step into my Spirit name”. Just like that. After years of knowing it, of using it in private, I felt the timing was right. HENCEFORTH I WILL BE ASHARNI ARLAE. Did I mean it? I mean, I hadn’t thought to ask Kachina what would happen should you decide to step into your name.

“Well”, Kachina said, “it means you are ready to accept your role in this life. It means your life will change. Are you ready for this?” Which, of course, brought back memories of my mother and the above quote.

“Be careful what you wish for … you might just get it”

I mean, sure, I wanted to fulfil my mission here on earth … didn’t I? Hmmm. But suddenly Jann Edwards seemed a nice enough name … anonymous … innocuous … average … credible. I liked the fact that I was a double ‘n’ Jann … not one of the run-o-the-mill “one ‘n’Jan’s”.

But sitting there in Kachina’s office, in the presence of her gorgeous energies, encouraged by her smile and those bright blue eyes … I knew in the guts of my being that henceforth I would be Asharni Arlae.

And buoyed with “Kachina energy” (and those of you who know Kachina will be nodding your heads here!), I returned to Melbourne and wrote my 11/11/11 newsletter in which I officially “came out of the closet”. With a flourish. Just like that. Done. OMG.

And it occurred to me that we can always put obstacles in our way. Humans are pretty good at that. “It’s too hard … there is the deed poll thing … but I just recently renewed my passport … not to mention what my clients, friends and family think” … the list goes on. But, like many decisions in life, it was not so hard. All that it requires is that YOU DO IT.

We, all of us, have Spirit names. We are, all of us, sparks from the same flame. We are, all of us like strangers in a bus trying to find out way home (just like Joan Osborne’s song). And, hopefully, we are enjoying the journey. Your Spirit name is always available to you, whether you are able to find it yourself or whether someone helps you do this. It is available to you.

Your name will have two components. The first part tells you what you are here to do. The second part tells you how you will go about doing this. Two more pieces of the puzzle.

Knowing your Spirit name is a powerful thing. What you do with this knowledge is entirely up to you. Keep it close to you … keep it personal … or shout it out from the rooftops for all the world to hear … it is up to you.

For many years, during life’s ups and downs, I would call to Asharni and say “look at that, the moon is setting over the water and it is magic” OR “Hey Asharni, how do you like them apples”. That was when life sucked. But even when “life sucked”, I could hear Asharni laugh at me. “Oh great” she said “I always wanted to know what that felt like”. To which I would reply “So, would you like some more of them apples?” Until, no matter what the trial or tribulation, I could not help but laugh. It was the laugh of Asharni … or it was the laugh of Jann. No matter … it was one and the same.

** Kachina Ma’an is the founder of Pellowah Healing Technique and the facilitator of many workshops on spiritual growth and change.