Five Principles

The Five Principles

As taught by Kachina Ma’an

I first discovered the power of the Five Principles in 2006. In those days the course was called The Hand of God or, as we affectionately named it then … “HOG”. The following is my experience of my first dialogue with Kachina about this course. I would eventually go on to do the actual full day workshop three times: in 2007, 2009 and 2011. Each time allowed me to go deeper and thus allow a far richer experience.

According to Kachina, a woman who has dedicated her life to Spirit, the course came about when she was visiting a small group of friends for dinner. The question was asked “What do we need to do to advance to the next level?” Spirit said to them very clearly that there are five principles that a person needs to master to become what they call a Hand of God, which is someone who has the potential to touch people at a deep soul level for personal positive change.

In Kachina’s own words:

Spirit wanted me to teach this and at first I thought I only had to tell people about the Five Principles. And then I realised as I was driving home from somewhere that they said to me “You do realise that you have to teach this don’t you?” And I am thinking “Oh God, I don’t know how … I got here, but how the hell am I supposed to teach this?” And I get home and I get a phone call within five minutes and one person to whom I had already told the five steps said “You do realise that you have to teach this” “Yes”, I said, “I got the message on the way home”.

But then I had to backtrack. I had to work out how I learned all those things. Just through life experience. They then they sat me down and I said “OK guys, you want me to do this, then tell me what I have got to do”. This is a long course, it is a heavy duty course and when I teach it, it is 85% channelled every single time. So it is completely different for every group, even though the skeleton is exactly the same, it is different every time I teach it.

The Five Principles are as Follows:


1. Unlimited Imagination

The first thing you need to master is unlimited imagination. Because as human beings we cannot bring into our reality what we cannot imagine. Worse still, we tend to bring in what we can imagine and we always imagine the worst. So actually you need to release all imagination. Having no imagination whatsoever. Now people think that children have a great imagination. Children don’t have a great imagination, they don’t have the experience to be able to imagine anything. What children have, and this is what is replaced by having no imagination, is an intense curiosity. They cannot wait to see what the universe is going to drop into their life next. So the natural result of having no imagination is to have an intense curiosity. Just waiting to see what the universe will drop in next. And because the universe is so huge and so unlimited and so all-compassionate, we always get the good stuff.


2. You Are Your Only Reference Point

The second thing you need to master is you as your only reference point. Everybody has these external reference points that tell them who they are, what they are, why they are in relationship to everything else. Which means that nothing outside those reference points can get into you and you sure as hell can’t get out of it. You are really limited by that (being someone’s daughter, mother, sister, friend and so on) and if your external reference points become unstable, then you become unstable. Because you are connected to them. So you have to get rid of all those and then you have you as your only reference point. Now the direct result of this is that there is you … and there is the universe. And that is it and that is all!


3. Making Choices That Only Make You Strong

Again, this seems really easy, but it is not. If you break down energy into its simplest form and take away all judgment you will only ever do one of two things and that is either make you weak or strong. Now everybody has come here with a plan and when we do what is on that plan that will automatically make you strong, even if we don’t like it, it will make us strong. But if we go off plan that is what will make us weak. Again this is not a judgment, it just depends on what you have chosen to do or not. If it is on your plan, it is strong … if it is off your plan is it weak. Once you master that, you will never be off track again unless you choose to. And some people do choose to. Even though it makes them weak they will still do it anyway, out of obligation or out of the way people will see them which again is reference points.

QUESTION: I have a problem with running out on your obligations.

OK … so do the weak/strong thing. If staying with them makes you weak it means that staying with them is not on the plan and staying with them is not on THEIR plan either. So if you stay in that, even though it makes you weak, you are actually holding up two lots of karmic situations, not just your own. Weak or Strong.


4. Staying In The Present Moment

This is really difficult for most people. Even while you are sitting here you are thinking about the past and how often you did this and that and you are also thinking about the things you want to ask me and how you are going to use all of those things and so you have been juggling between the past and the future a hundred times in the last 60 seconds. OK. So most people find it very difficult to stay in the present moment. Now the thing is that your higher wisdom is only in the present moment, you can’t access it anywhere else. If you are thinking about your future you have no access to your higher wisdom. You just don’t.

Question: But how can you ever make plans?

If you are making plans, make them staying in the present moment knowing that it is just a plan and that it may change. Leave it flexible. Leave it fluid. “This is what we are going to do … unless we don’t”.


5. No Personal History

The last and probably the most important. Every blockage you have is a direct result of personal history. Every programme that you have is a direct result of personal history. Every thought that you think is a direct result of personal history. Every action is a direct result of personal history. Every reaction is a direct result of personal history. Everything you think, feel, say, is a direct result of personal history. So you have to get rid of personal history. Now what happens when you have no personal history is that you can be who you really are. There are no walls because the walls are created through personal history. Every time you see someone it is as if you have met them for the very first time. Which means no walls, no withholding back of emotions, no doing the pouting thing, none of that. I had a fight with them last week, last month, they didn’t pick up their towel, they burnt the toast, they came home late, they didn’t come home at all. Whatever. Personal history.

Every Single Problem That Exists Has Those Five Principles And In That Order.


This is how you become the butterfly. Knowing the five principles is powerful; doing them is even more powerful. BUT YOU HAVE TO MASTER THEM. That is the key. You have to live it every day and the thing is, it is not as hard as you think actually and those who have embraced this way of doing things … it has totally changed their lives. If you are in a really bad relationship you are only in it out of personal history. If you woke up one morning and forgot who you were and you were sleeping beside some arsehole and that arsehole was being an arsehole, how long do you think you would stay? How long? YOU ONLY EVER STAY IN SITUATIONS WHEN YOU HAVE A PERSONAL HISTORY. Once again, get rid of that personal history and you cannot be manipulated ever again. You cannot sabotage yourself ever again.

Do you know what happens when you manage to do all of this and master it all – you are actually connected to everything without all the niggly things to take the energy away from it. Now imagine the very first time you were with your partner when there was no personal history, all those little bits that get you feeling yuck, when it was the very first moment when there was nothing except him for who he was – how did this feel? And that is how you will feel with everybody every day. It does not make your life less … anything but.

This piece is a transcript of a conversation with Kachina and is in Kachina’s own words. Yes, she occasionally swears!


To summarise the Five Principles:

1.Have unlimited imagination (or intense curiosity)

2.You are your only reference point

3.Only make the choices that make you strong.

4.Live in the present moment

5.No personal history