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My “Articles” page at present tends to be more of a “response” page. It is a response to some of the things my client’s ask me.


Notes about the Zodiac

Is a basic article about the evolutionary intent of the Zodiac Wheel.

Planets Signs and Houses of the Zodiac

This will give you some reference material on the Zodiac Sign meanings, planetary archetypes and what area of life each of the 12 houses of the Zodiac represent.

Mayan Prayer

This is the Mayan Prayer to the seven directions which I observed in Mayan ceremony and ritual while at sacred sites in Mexico and Central America. It is a wonderful way to acknowledge the natural world before you step into your day. Mayan travels gallery

The Five Principles

As channelled by Kachina Ma’an, the Founder of Pellowah Healing Technique. All of life can be distilled into these five principles. Understand and work with these and you are firmly on the road to empowerment. Kachina teaches this as a full day workshop when she comes to Melbourne.

The Celestine Prophecy

This article is my personal take on the Celestine Prophecy, but the article’s main objective is to help people understand that work in the spiritual field should never be competitive. It needs to be done at your own pace and in your own time. This ensures that you really do reflect on these principles, sit with them, chew them over, see how they fit … being mindful that all this could change at any time. Just because a book or theory means great things to some people, doesn’t mean it will have the same effect on you. And this is OK. We are all different and we must honour that.

Why I Changed My Name

A number of people use their Spirit Name. This article tells my journey from learning my name to finally realising the time was right to use it publicly.

Why is my site called “the Jewelled Sky”?

When I began my business there was no question that this would be the name I would use. This article explains why.

The Highwayman

This most wonderful poignant of poems is reproduced here in its entirety.