Article 3


An Excerpt from Ted Andrews’ Qabala Magic

I find this a beautiful description of the journey into Kabbalah.  It just might be the best description!

“The word “magic” has always held an ancient enchantment for humans.  It hints of journeys into unseen and unmapped domains.  There was a time when the distances between our world and the ones we considered so “magical” were no further than the bend in the road.  Each cavern or hollow tree was a doorway to another world where beings existed who evolved side by side with humankind.  Humans recognised life at all times.  The streams spoke and the winds whispered ancient words into the ears of whoever would listen.  Every blade of grass and flower had a story to tell.  In the blink of an eye, a human being could explore worlds and seek out knowledge that enlightened his or her life and world.  Shadows were not just shadows, trees were not just wood, and clouds were not just pretty.  There was life and purpose in all things and there was loving interaction between all worlds.  Humans were limited by their own fears.

Those fears closed the doors. They silenced the streams and the winds.  There was no life but human life.  Sure, there were animals, but that was not life.  And the God who created all those worlds and the beauty and love with which they sparkled became hardened in people’s minds.  Humans became vengeful and spiteful and they forgot how infinitely loving they truly were.

The worlds separated.  Humans built walls around their cities first and then their minds, so their beliefs became restricted and limited.  There was no room in it for that which was not logical or rational, and only that which could be experienced by the five senses was rational, and instead of seeking adventures of love and light through all of God’s worlds, humans searched out the kingdoms of other human beings.  People did not understand that to a limited mind jealousy, war and domination would become logical processes in life; the reasons behind them all being very rational.

No world dies.  All worlds still exist, though the doorways are now more obscure.  Now we must seek them out.  There are still noble adventures to undertake.  There are pots of gold at the end of rainbows, but now they must be searched out and won.  Only through love of self can this be done.  This love is one in which there are no limitations to your world.  In a world where there appear to be infinite problems we must learn that there are also an infinite number of solutions.  We are only limited by ourselves.

Through the magic and mysticism of the Qabala, the ancient doors and gates are again opened to each of us.  We are offered the opportunity to expand our consciousness so that we in turn can radiate more light upon our world.”