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As a child I was always fascinated by mythology, astrology and stories and what better way to blend the two than observe the heavens at night where I would weave all sorts of tales about the constellations. This is where my journey began.

my journey

View from my home in Cairo

I travelled the world extensively in the 1970s and 1980s, always interested in the people I met and their lives.  My favourite mode of transport was walking, just me and my backpack, always eager to see where the road would take me or what adventure awaited around the next bend.  To finance my travels I wrote and sold articles to magazines.
When it came time to finally “settle down” I studied archaeology and mythology at Melbourne University while I raised a family.   In the late 1990s I walked the pilgrimage route “The Camino de Santiago” across France and Spain and it was during this time that I was able to reflect on the direction of my life.  What were my hopes and dreams?  How could I make them happen?  Such is the nature of a pilgrimage.


my journey

My shop on the Red Sea

In 1999 I fulfilled a long-held dream.  I moved to Egypt where I lived, worked and studied Egyptology for three years.  When I wasn’t guiding tourists around the temples, I could be found in the desert at night watching the stars.  It was during this time that my interest in astrology was rekindled.


Asharni is based in the Geelong area and is currently living in the beautiful seaside town of Ocean Grove,  Australia


my journey

Michael and Me

On my return from Egypt, two significant things happened. I began my formal study of astrology… and I met my current husband, Michael.  Together we work as teachers and hosts and journeymen on the spiritual path. Michael is both a Reiki and Pellowah Teacher. He is also a participant in Kabbalah classes. His presence is grounding and welcoming and his contributions are often humorous but always insightful.

In our spare moments, both Michael and I continue to travel the world together. Seeking inspiration. Learning new ways of being. New ways of teaching. Interacting with the people and places. A journal of our travels can be found on the Gallery tab.

My greatest achievement, however, has been in supporting my children as they have grown into adulthood with the choices they have made in their young lives.  They, in their own way, have become “mini astrologers” in the process of growing up with me! And they have agreed that a knowledge of astrology has certainly helped them in their relationships with friends and to have the courage and fortitude to follow their own unique direction in life.